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bulletOnce you have a valid RMA number, you may ship the faulty items to Axxis Hardware BV.
bulletMake sure that your RMA number is present on all shipping documents & packaging
bulletRMA shipments without documentation will be rejected.
bulletShipping cost from client to Axxis Hardware BV is born by the client, shipping cost from Axxis Hardware BV to client is born by Axxis Hardware BV.
bulletDo NOT ship your RMA items on a freight collect basis.  Your shipment will be rejected.
bulletDo NOT send items which are out of warranty. For any item out of warranty, Axxis Hardware BV will bill you a US$30.-- administration fee. Axxis Hardware BV will NOT bear the freight costs for RMA's that are out of warranty.
bulletDo NOT send Items that are not purchased from Axxis Hardware BV. A US $30.-- administration fee  plus return freight cost will apply.
bulletAxxis Hardware BV will dispatch the repaired/replaced item(s) within 35 days of arrival at Axxis Hardware BV's nominated point.  For goods which cannot be repaired/replaced 35 days after arrival at Axxis Hardware BV's counter, a credit may be offered  at the prevailing market price, or an alternative equivalent part. For CPU's it is within 90 days
bulletAt the managements sole discretion, Axxis Hardware BV may replace faulty items with newer versions and/or capacities.

Warranty is VOID if any physical defect such as the below list is found on the defective products returned

bulletburn marks
bulletmissing components
bulletbroken pins / sockets / connectors
bulletcrack lines on the boards / CPU / Integrated Chips
bulletdefects caused by end-user tampering
bulletany suspected after sales defects

Please note that if RMA items are not packed properly and suffer damage in transit, we will not be responsible.