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  • Once you have a valid RMA number, you may ship the faulty items to Axxis Hardware BV.
  • Make sure that your RMA number is present on all shipping documents & packaging
  • RMA shipments without documentation will be rejected.
  • Shipping cost from client to Axxis Hardware BV is born by the client, shipping cost from Axxis Hardware BV to client is born by Axxis Hardware BV.
  • Do NOT ship your RMA items on a freight collect basis.  Your shipment will be rejected.
  • Do NOT send items which are out of warranty. For any item out of warranty, Axxis Hardware BV will bill you a US$30.-- administration fee. Axxis Hardware BV will NOT bear the freight costs for RMA's that are out of warranty.
  • Do NOT send Items that are not purchased from Axxis Hardware BV. A US $30.-- administration fee  plus return freight cost will apply.
  • Axxis Hardware BV will dispatch the repaired/replaced item(s) within 35 days of arrival at Axxis Hardware BV's nominated point.  For goods which cannot be repaired/replaced 35 days after arrival at Axxis Hardware BV's counter, a credit may be offered  at the prevailing market price, or an alternative equivalent part. For CPU's it is within 90 days
  • At the managements sole discretion, Axxis Hardware BV may replace faulty items with newer versions and/or capacities.

Warranty is VOID if any physical defect such as the below list is found on the defective products returned

  • burn marks
  • missing components
  • broken pins / sockets / connectors
  • crack lines on the boards / CPU / Integrated Chips
  • defects caused by end-user tampering
  • any suspected after sales defects

Please note that if RMA items are not packed properly and suffer damage in transit, we will not be responsible.