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" To be faster, more cost effective and provide a more professional service than anyone else in our field, giving you the products that you want, when you want them, and at the price you need "


Corporate Slogan:      

 "Do what you say and only say what you really can do!".  Tired of people letting you down?  Try us, you will not find someone more reliable!


Company Profile

Axxis Hardware BV was established in 1998, and is run by professionals who have been in the Wholesale & Distribution business for more than 30 years. We are part of an international group with an annual group turnover is in excess of USD 200 million. Our main focus has been wholesale distribution of PC Peripherals eg CPU's (INTEL, AMD), hard drives (Seagate, WD ,Hitachi, Toshiba ) , SSD drives ( Samsung , Intel, Kingston, Transcend etc) and memory (Dram and Modules of all major brands like Micron, Samsung, plus Transcend, Strontium & Kingston).

We also actively supply Mobile Phones ( Apple & Samsung , LG etc) , Apple and Samsung Tablets, Cisco, Intel, Dlink, Microsoft products, Consoles, Cameras, TV's &  Monitors as well as various other home electronics eg Braun, GOPRO, Coffee Makers, LED's., Sports and smart watches, and white goods.

Servers and their Options, as well as a wide range of Enterprise products round out the range of products we are experienced in.

Our clients and suppliers are world wide, including USA, Africa, Europe, Middle East and the Eastern block and we hope you will join them soon. We supply Distributors, OEM's, small to large Trading houses, as well as manufacturers directly, as well as Retail chains and Internet Wholesalers. We have established an excellent reputation for honesty, professional integrity, efficiency, quick response and good service.

For suppliers, we listen carefully as to the Channels that products should be sold in and strictly abide by their guidance, to avoid market disruption of any kind.

Our greatest strength is our ability to source from strong suppliers internationally, and deliver quickly and reliably without fail. All our relationships are long-term. Our staff can speak a variety of languages including, English, Dutch, French, German and Spanish


We look forward to working with you!